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Drive to Shadnagar and a Tomato farm

This time we drove South towards Shadnagar .The town is on the right side of NH7 while going towards Bangalore from Hyderabad. We took a left turn as soon as we reached the town.  After driving straight for a couple of kilometers we took a detour just after a village named Buchigudem.

Very soon we came across a tomato farm. Several men and women were busy harvesting ripe tomatoes in the farm.


As usual I was excited and hoped to get hold of some tomatoes.

Despite the hot summer there were a few fields here and there.

We moved closer to the labourers and asked if they would sell the produce to us. They told us to ask the owner who was sitting close by.



The owner agreed and we managed to dump 10kilos in the rear of our car.


He agreed to give 10kilos for just Rs 100. Whereas these were being sold for three times the price in the city.

I spotted goru chikkudu kaayalu or Cluster beans stored in plastic bags near the heap of tomatoes and we picked a few kilos .


Felt good that we got some farm fresh veggies :))

The fresh air and gentle breeze was invigorating.


Love spending time away from the city once in a while. I have this wish and always dream of having a small house at the edge of a village adjacent to a farm  🙂

It was teatime . On our way back we stopped at a roadside restaurant named ‘Aashiana’ , adjacent to the highway , in Shadnagar. We ordered Mirchi bajjis. They were some of the best Mirchi bajjis I ever had . A waiter served the items while we waited in the car.

NH7 is a busy highway which connects Hyderabad and Bangalore. 

Wish to go there again just to eat those Mirchi bajjis 🙂 and also pick up fresh veggies.



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Drive to Shabad via Moinabad

Mom, Sis, BIL ,niece and I went on a long drive to Shabad from Kukatpally via ORR.
We took the right at APPA junction on the ORR and drove towards Moinabad . Took left turn there.
We wanted to check out  agricultural land in the area between Moinabad and Shabad.
We came across beautiful fields with flowers.Didn’t expect to see any vegetation at all as it is peak summer here in India.


We also passed by several polyhouses.
We stopped at a vegetable field and were thrilled to see cucumbers, beans, ladiesfingers etc.


On seeing us the caretaker approaced us and agreed to sell some produce to us.


Dumped some veggies in the car dikki.


Everyone enjoyed eating the cucumbers at the field.
The temps were too high.

Also came across peacocks roaming in the vast open grounds.

After the veggies break  , we drove to Shabad . Checked out a few more bits of land around Shabad we drove towards Chevella and then back towards ORR.

Came across many more polyhouses on the way back but it was getting dark and we planned to visit them some other time.